Copywriting for Solicitors

Discover the Secret of Copywriting and Turn More Visitors into Clients

Imagine this:

You walk to your office at 8am on a bright, sunny Monday morning.  Your footsteps confidently echo as you walk down the street. You enter your reception to find several prospective clients already waiting for you or one of your colleagues. You say hello to one of your existing clients who has enthusiastically brought you yet another referral.

As you walk into your office, your secretary gives you a list of three potential clients who left messages on the answerphone.  You glance at it as your stroll into your office.

You sit down and your leather chair gives a slight sigh. Before you start addressing the queue, you quickly fire up your computer and check your e-mail.  Four more people are requesting your help. You resolve to find more fee earners and staff to handle the workload and decide to increase your prices.

You go over to your office door, which is holding back the crowd, open it and smile.  This is going to be a great day!

Copywriting is the art and science of using spoken or printed words to get people to take action. Its sole purpose is to get readers, listeners, watchers or attendees to take their next step whether this is to call you, visit your office, download your e-book, send you an e-mail, sign up to your newsletter, attend your event etc.

Copywriting is about influence and persuasion. It explains to people how you can help them. It clearly outlines the benefits and emotional benefits of working with you. It builds trust with your target market so you become their natural choice.

Benefits are what your service does for someone.  Emotional benefits are how you make your clients feel. Emotional benefits are much more powerful than benefits, especially when aligned with their core values.

         Solicitors can offer many emotional benefits to their clients including making them feel:

  • ✓ Protected
  • ✓ Confident
  • ✓ Caring (e.g. looking after loved ones)
  • ✓ Altrusitic (e.g. leaving money to charity)
  • ✓ Fair, just or ethical
  • ✓ Respected by others

These are very powerful factors and it is important that you mention them in your copywriting (usually referred to as copy).

The final factor I mentioned was trust. This is very important. Individuals and businesses must trust you. They must feel that you can give them what you have promised before they will engage with you.


How We Can Help You with Copywriting

Good copywriting helps you to support more individuals and companies. Many people and businesses do not know when they need your services. Content and copywriting will ensure that they know when they need legal support and why they should contact you rather than someone else.

Good copy and content, tailored to your ideal client as defined in your marketing strategy, will attract more of them. It also helps you to:

  • Retain existing clients (usually winning more work from them as they understand when and why they need you),
  • Re-engage old clients (i.e. those who have strayed elsewhere)
  • ✓ Get the referrals you want

Most solicitors do not get the referrals they want simply because they seem to think, along with 95% of other businesses, that a happy client somehow magically becomes a top salesperson for them.  Most people find selling difficult.  The best way to get referrals is to give your happy clients something easy to do, such as point the people they know in the direction of your free information (content) and web site (copy).

So if you feel that you could do with more business or more of the right type of clients then you might want to drop us a line. We’ve worked with a range of legal companies in the Midlands ranging from sole practitioners such as Schofield and Associates through those employing around 30 staff such as Else Solicitors to larger firms that are rapidly expanding like HCB with 180 employees.

You are invited to contact us on 0121 262 4225 or at  We look forward to hearing from you.