Legal Marketing Strategy

A Proven Process to Grow Your Firm with the Clients You Want

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is vital that you stand out from the pack. You can no longer solely rely on referrals or people just walking in. With the rise of ABS firms and D.I.Y. law on-line, there is more legal support available than ever. While the introduction of new fees (e.g. employment tribunals) and changes in legal aid has dampened the demand for people wanting legal support.

Now, for the first time, there is a proven process that every firm of solicitors can use to fight back. Our innovative 12-step process will produce the perfect marketing strategy and plan for your legal practice. This process focuses on:

  • ✓ Your ideal client
  • ✓ What they want from you
  • ✓ How you can rapidly build trust with them

People buy people. The affluent customers and successful businesses that you want will happily pay your rate if they can clearly see how you can give them exactly what they want and they trust you.

Your Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is custom-tailored to attract your tightly defined target market. You do not want anyone and everyone as a client. You want individuals and businesses who are:

  • ✓ Happy to pay your hourly rate or fixed fee (and even more for the right experience)
  • ✓ Willing to accept your advice and implement your recommendations
  • ✓ Grateful that you are looking after their affairs (and even drag in new clients to see you)

These are the clients you want. It is impossible to appeal to everyone. You can by developing your marketing strategy around a tightly defined market attract the clients you want in the volume you need.  

How Do You Do That?

Most marketing companies talk to you about your company, your services and the clients you want.  They then usually go away and come back either with some ideas and approaches that they think either might work or that you will be happy to sign off on. I’ll let you into two well-kept secrets:

1. They are keener about making you happy so that you sign off the work rather than worried about how effective it is for your practice. There are countless examples of web sites, social media accounts, videos, brochures, direct mail, leaflets, adverts, roll-up banners etc, out there which add nothing to the business who signed off on them.

2.  Most of their ideas are based on copying what others in your industry are doing. They assume that your competitors have got it right (very few have) and that you will be happy to sign off on something similar (most do).

It is this type of lazy thinking which keeps your results down but at least they are the same as everyone elses.  We don’t do this. 

What Do You Do Differently?

You might be interested to know what makes us different:

1. We are dedicated in only working with solicitors, direct access barristers and legal firms. We know the legal industry, the challenges it faces and how individuals and businesses buy your services.

2. We specialise in marketing strategy, copywriting and content. We do not offer branding, graphic design, printing, social media support, web site development etc. Many marketing companies go beyond their capabilities. For example, your graphic designer should not be writing your copy.

You will benefit from our proven process that takes you through the exact steps needed to develop a marketing strategy and plan that works for you.  

A New Approach

We have pioneered a unique approach which ensures that you and your partners understand our process and what is happening and why but you don’t get the small (yet important) details that your delivery team need. This process has five stages:

1.  A 1-hour presentation to you and your partners which takes you through the whole SMART Marketing process and the theory behind it.

2.  Completion of a marketing questionnaire which will effectively and rapidly gather all the information needed from you and your partners.

3.  Production of your marketing strategy and plan.

4.  A 2-hour presentation of your marketing strategy and plan. Feedback is taken and incorporated.

5.  Presentation of the full suite of documents that make up the SMART marketing system to your delivery team and appropriate fee earners. This includes a two-hour coaching session with them to show them how to use it effectively. 

The first step, if you want to take it, is to contact us to discuss further or download our e-book opposite which outlines our SMART marketing process.


Still Not Sure…

If you are still not sure, then there are a few things that you can do to test us out.

  • ✓ Download and read our e-book.  This will give you some ideas even if you decide not to proceed with us.
  • ✓ Attend one of our free talks.  Richard gives a number of free talks throughout the year for a variety of memberships such as Fusion Legal, Hub Legal and the Sole Practitioner Group.
  • ✓ Book a one-hour presentation for you and your partners.  This is not a sales pitch but is the first step in our marketing process.  If after our presentation you decide to engage with us, then the cost of it is deducted from your first invoice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or for further details.  

We invite you to contact us on 0121 262 4225 or at if you would like some support.  We look forward to hearing from you.