Marketing Training for Fee Earners

Why Some Law Firms are Growing While Others are Shrinking

It is tough.  It is not easy attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. The competition has increased.  Recent changes in legal aid combined with new fees (such as for employment tribunals) have reduced the demand for legal services.

However, despite all this, some small and medium sized legal firms are rapidly growing. They are buying up other less successful practices. They are opening new offices. They are charging considerably more than their competitors.  They are typically doubling in size each year (even more in some cases).

How?  There are a number of factors such as standardised processes and the efficient use of technology.  However, these would not make a difference if the practice was not driving in more work through new, existing and old clients.

You can increase the business coming through your door.  You can win more of the lucrative clients you want and not have to drop your prices to win work. You can achieve your financial targets as a business and personally.

Marketing Training Courses for Fee Earners and Solicitors

You can grow your practice with the clients you want by either training yourself, your partners and/ or your team.

Sole Practitioners and small practices are invited to attend one of our open courses.  These one-day courses are run throughout the year in Birmingham.

If you are with a bigger practice and want to train your marketing team, or partners or fee earners then a tailored course delivered on-site is the best solution for you.  Our tailored courses range from taking delegates through our marketing process so they can work out their messages, copy and content to specific workshops on networking, delivering free talks, writing copy, producing content etc.

You can find out more below. 


Open Marketing Courses

You can make considerable headway by attending our tailored one-day course for solicitors. These are perfect for sole practitioners or the solicitor responsble for marketing and business development in a small practice.

We cannot transform you into a marketing professional overnight. However, we can give you the vital information and processes you need to make the right decisions and greatly improve your marketing.

This course covers:

  • ✓ Defining Your Marketing Strategy- you will discover the prefect marketing strategy for your law firm.
  • ✓ Profiling Your Target Market- a well profiled ideal client will help you to rapidly and easily attract the private clients and companies you want.
  • ✓ Maintaining and Raising Your Prices- you can keep and increase your prices just by making a few simple changes.
  • ✓ Outgunning Your Competiton- with the increase in competition in the legal sector, it is important that you put yourself in a position to out-gun even your large competitors.
  • ✓ Crafting Your Communications- it is important that you match your communications to the needs, wants and profile of your ideal client.
  • ✓ Instilling Confidence and Trust in Your Potential Clients- business people and private individuals choose to deal with those they trust the most. Find out how to rapidly build trust with your clients.
  • ✓ Creating Copy and Content that Sells- Copywriting (words that sell) and content (valuable information) needs to be develped to inform and inspire trust in your prospect as well as explain why you are their best option. 
  • ✓ Developing a Marketing Calendar with Campaigns to Attract New Clients and Retain Existing Ones- by having a weekly marketing calander with campaigns on you are guaranteed to have new clients coming to your door and existing ones coming back.

The cost of this one-day course is just £400 and includes refreshments, a 3-course lunch and a workbook.  The next course is at St Paul’s Club (34 St Paul’s Square, Birmingham B3 1ZQ) from 9:30am- 4:30pm on Wednesday 7th June.

If you are interested, then please contact us for further information on 0121 262 4225 or at




In-House Marketing Courses

If your legal practice has 10 or more people then an in-house marketing course might be ideal for your:

  • ✓ Partners
  • ✓ Earners
  • ✓ Team

You will find that we have developed a wide-range of accredited and bespoke training courses which can run from one hour to two days. You can choose what your team will benefit from most through our wide range of options including:

  • ✓ Marketing for Partners and Fee Earners- as tailored for your company
  • ✓ Marketing Strategies, Tactics and Technique for Solicitors
  • ✓ Delivering Free Talks- How to Build Trust and Gain Business by Speaking at Seminars, Events and Exhibitions
  • ✓ Copywriting- The Art of Selling Through Words
  • ✓ Your Marketing Pillars- How to Get Your Web Site, Brochures and Content Right for Your Target Market
  • ✓ Social Media for Solicitors- What to Do and What Not to Do

The list goes on.

If you are interested, then please contact us for further information on 0121 262 4225 or at