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Marketing Resources for TAG Tax Conference Attendees

Many thanks for attending my talk for TAG accountants on 15th November.  I hope you enjoyed it or found it useful- you probably did or you wouldn’t be looking at this page.

You can grow your practice with the clients you want through effective marketing. If you educate your prospects in what you offer, how it is different to their usual accountant and explain why you are the best choice for them then you will win more of the business you want. Your prospects will arrive with you already knowing what they need and why they want to use you.  

As promised, please find opposite my e-guide to SMART Marketing.  This outlines the 12-step process that I talked briefly about in my presentation.  This 19 page e-book shows you:

  • How to define your ideal client
  • The key basic biological drivers that you should appeal to in your marketing.  These work far better than other approaches
  • How to position yourself in the marketplace and how to justify or raise your prices
  • What a USP is and the three things it must communicate to be effective 
  • How to build trust with prospects and much more.

It takes about 15 minutes to read and gives you easy to do steps- just click on the image opposite.  You can also download my presentation slides as a PDF.  Download them both today and start attracting clients who will happily take your advice and pay your price. 


Download Your Marketing Resources