Getting Your Campaigns to Connect with Your Client

A marketing campaign consists of many different factors but it should only have one thing at its centre- your target client This is the core answer to how to market your business.

I can guarantee that any marketing campaign that fails to connect with the target prospect only did so because the business forgot about the client. 

The first step in forgetting the client is simply not doing any research on them and what they want.

Most businesses do not have a clear picture of their ideal client. They usually have a hazy idea about who they want to provide with their services but sometimes this extends little further than the qualifier of having the money to pay for it and, in some cases, not even this far.  I have heard numerous examples of high-end services being promoted to less well-off individuals and businesses.

Target markets are different; what appeals to one won’t appeal to another.  This is obvious but many business owners when developing their marketing forget that they are often not their own target market so tend to choose what appeals to them and not what appeals to their clients and prospects.  It is true that you have to be happy with your business and the way it is marketed but to be successful its more important for your clients to be happy with these things.

Businesses that fail rapidly do so as they have assumed that a market exists for their product or service when one doesn’t.  A market exists only when a product or services offers the benefits that a client needs, wants or desires at the right price. 

Basic things you must know about your target market’s business are:

  • Industries
  • Size
  • Turnover
  • Years in business
  • Location 

Basic things you must know about your target market’s decision maker include:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Role
  • Main frustrations you can solve
  • What they want the most

Companies sometimes forget that the client has a choice in using their service, a competitor’s or not bothering at all.

Businesses can also forget to service the client well or forget the promises that their products or services offered.  Forgetting these two things are fatal to any business- even more so than being forgetful at the marketing stage

Remember when there seems to be no marketing answers start thinking about your ideal client, talk to a few of them again, go back to the drawing board and the ideas will flow.


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