Marketing Lessons from the Retail Sector for Every Business

Earlier this week, I wrote about my experience with T M Lewin’s VIP event and I made some observations on it.  You can read the full story on their recent marketing campaign here. 

Today, I wanted to show how you can take the principles I discussed and use them in any business.  Let’s have a look at them in turn:

1.  T M Lewin’s only promoted this event to their existing and previous customers.  

This type of VIP event strategy works far better for people who have already had an experience with you rather than for getting new customers.  So step 1 is get a list of your existing and old clients contact details.  It is interesting to note that the main reason for losing clients or customers is simply because they have forgotten about you.

2.  T M Lewin’s created a VIP event as a reason to contact existing and lost customers and get them back in the shop. 

It’s always good to have a compelling reason to contact someone.  This doesn’t have to be an event.  For example, a client review session would work well for professional service providers.  Not only does it keep the communication going with them but it also shows that you care about them.  It also gives you the opportunity to ask for referrals and highlight any new services you are offering.

3.  T M Lewin’s VIP event was for people who came in to the store- there wasn’t an on-line option.

This is a key point; this strategy to work required a face-to-face interaction rather than being on-line. Research shows that still the most effective way for B2B companies to win business is through face-to-face meetings.  You need to ensure your reason for contacting them includes an actual physical meeting whether it is you visiting them or vice-versa.  

4.  T M Lewin’s offered an incentive.

An incentive, if appropriate, can greatly increase your response and take up.  The incentive itself must be appropriate (In other words it must dovetail with your marketing and sales process) and it must be appropriate to the situation (e.g. I would not offer an incentive for a client review).

5.  T M Lewin’s gave a deadline

 In other words, the incentive was only available that weekend.  If you are offering an incentive then you MUST, must, MUST have a deadline!

6.  T M Lewin’s gave their VIP invitees a timely reminder.

They sent out a reminder to everyone over the weekend of the event.  This is a very important point.  The key to marketing is repeating the message to your target market.  I was interested in their event but had forgotten about it and had they not reminded me then I would have missed it.  I can guarantee that I wasn’t the only one in this position!

A timely reminder or reminders will great improve your response!

All of these points can and should be applied in the marketing of any business.

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